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P Alert Meth Alarm

P Alert Meth AlarmThis proactive Meth Alarm takes away the guess work. If Smoking and / or Manufacturing of Methamphetamine is detected, an immediate Alarm Activation will occur, the Meth Alarm will send an SMS or Email Alert to your mobile phone or Email.

Our Meth Alarm Conducts: 48 tests per day, 366 tests over 7 days, 1464 tests per month, 17568 tests per year.

Our Meth Alarms eliminate the need to test between tenancies.



    • Detects smoking and / or manufacturing of methamphetamine
    • Detects exisiting smoking and / or manufacturing of methamphetamine
    • Instant alarm activation
    • Weekly report
    • Activation report
    • Tamper report 
    • Motion report


    • Worldwide patent
    • FCC approved
    • Industry Canada approved
    • Telarc ISO 9001
    • Made in New Zealand

      Your P Alert Meth Alarm will be shipped and delivered within 5-10 working days.


      Contact us to order your P Alert Meth Alarm.